I am in Iceland for a few days; lucky enough to be given a wonderful trip to this icy country, by
our children. The foods, of course, are one of the main things on my mind. “It is absolutely fabulous.” Many of
the supermarkets carry organic brands. The restaurants and hotel we went to have great fresh food without the
North American bland taste. The cheese made here in Iceland is to die for and tastes so fresh and mild. GMO foods
are required to be labelled as such. Bovine growth hormones are completely banned.
The locals here put an emphasis on food. At the hotel, they have a sign at the buffet, please only take what you
can eat – maybe we should all think about waste more- not eating too much or wasting good food which is hard to
come by and expensive. This is a wonderful sustainable way of living and thinking. Thanks, Iceland, for your
sustainability with food products. I’ll be back!!